Map: Which states support Colin Kaepernick the Most and the Least

Francis Lanzano Contributor
Map: Which states support Colin Kaepernick the Most and the Least
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This past weekend Colin Kaepernick was scheduled to take part in a private workout in front of NFL teams on Saturday, but the event fell through. It was labeled a sham by both sides, but for different reasons.

On the right, outlets like the Daily Wire labeled Kaepernick a “conman”. A specific article’s author compared the situation to any other job interview saying, “I’ve been on my share of job interviews in my life but I never considered canceling on my prospective employer at the last minute, demanding that he come to me rather than me to him, and then accusing him of ‘running from the truth’ when he fails to immediately hire me.” Even JayZ was disappointed and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said that Kaepernick’s workout ‘reeks of a PR stunt,’ and that “it was clearly orchestrated”.

On the left, outlets like Business Insider and NBC Sports noted that “the league tried to force Kaepernick to sign a waiver to protect itself from future lawsuits and prevent the blackballed quarterback from pursuing legal action against the NFL for collusion or retaliation.”

One thing’s for sure: Kaepernick continues to be an extremely polarizing figure that NFL teams may not want to bring into their ecosystem simply to avoid a media circus. The NFL team at used software that could geotag Twitter data to determine which states are most supportive of Kaepernick’s return. Based on the information below, the Chicago Bears might be the best fit for the ex-quarterback, while Texas teams might not be as welcoming.

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