Report: Iranian-backed militias begin to withdraw from US Embassy in Baghdad

Robert Brooks Contributor
Report: Iranian-backed militias begin to withdraw from US Embassy in Baghdad
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🎯 Tag This: The Washington Post reported Wednesday that protesters at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad are withdrawing and declaring victory after camping outside the compound all night. The Post added that the protesters, who support the Iranian-backed militia group Kataib Hezbollah, are now calling for the nation’s parliament to push for U.S. troops to leave Iraq.

🚩 Flag This: The retreat comes on the heels of a chaotic Tuesday protest where demonstrators stormed the embassy in response to U.S. airstrikes in Iraq targeting the militia group and killing 25 people over the weekend The Hill adds. Here’s how the protests in Iraq are being covered across the political spectrum.

  • On the left, The New York Times‘ Editorial Board writes that “after Mr. Trump loudly pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and imposed tough sanctions on Iran, it is hard to see what incentives he could dangle to prevent Iran and its proxies from further complicating the task of American forces in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East. The president could conceivably lessen tensions by opening some form of dialogue with Iran, whether about a possible renegotiation of the nuclear deal or resolving conflicts in Yemen or Syria.”
  • On the right, Erielle Davidson of The Federalist takes issue with the labels given to the aforementioned protestors saying, “The New York Times has labeled the attackers ‘mourners’ responding to the U.S. strikes, while the front page of the first Washington Post edition of 2020 labeled them ‘protesters.'” Davidson argues that “the media’s goal is to characterize the protests as a wholesale rejection of Trump’s policies in the region, hence the wall-to-wall disinformation about mourning and protesting. What’s actually at stake is Obama’s legacy. The Iran Deal was a bargain in which Iran would be handed control over the Middle East in exchange for some temporary limitations on nuclear activities.”

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