87 Year Old Veteran honored at his Publix job for Armed Forces Day

Stephanie Grau Contributor
Veteran honored at his Publix job for Armed Forces Day
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This past week, Korean War veteran George David was honored on Armed Forces Day by his employer of over 12 years, Publix Super Markets.

His coworkers, family, customers and Publix Vice President John Coff all gathered to surprise the 87-year-old vet with a celebration in honor of his military service from 1950 to 1953, as one of tens of thousands of American soldiers who fought in the Korean War.

The Plantation-based Publix hosted a patriotic party topped off with a red, white and blue cake. Any bystander could see Davis’ delight and pride as he enjoyed the patriotic dessert and even showed off his robust muscles with some push-ups against a counter while a partygoer cheered “Give us ten, soldier!”

Surrounded by good company at the end of party, Goff presented Davis with a commemorative letter and pin as a tribute for his service on behalf of Publix CEO Todd Jones.

In his many years at Publix, Davis had won the hearts of many of his coworkers and customers. He is affectionately known as “Mr. George” to many of his colleagues.

Recently, Davis and a few of his army buddies traveled to Washington D.C. to do an honorary tour of all three war memorials — World War II, Vietnam, and Korean — a trip he said he will always cherish.

“It’s hard to explain, but it was one of the best days of my life,” Davis said. “This [party] is number two,” he added with a laugh.

We #Salute you, George Davis, and thank you for your service.

Photo: WCSC