Chris Miracle: Tow Truck Driver Lives Up to his Name

Deborah Hansen Contributor
Chris Miracle: Tow Truck Driver Lives Up to his Name
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A 77-year-old woman is recovering at home from a frightening experience that could have turned out to be deadly. The senior citizen suffered a reaction to one of her medications while driving near Manntown, Florida. Her car ended up 40 yards off the road partially hidden by dense vegetation. The front of the car was stuck in a creek and the elderly woman did not have a cell phone with her.

Later that day, a tow truck driver, Chris, was headed to another vehicle around 2 AM, when he noticed lights flashing from the heavy woods along the road. At first he passed by, but couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

“I went about a mile down the road, and I thought ‘this doesn’t look right,’” so he turned his tow truck around and went back. He parked and made his way through the thick underbrush, and found the elderly woman unable to get out of her car. To make matters worse, the front part of the car was submerged in water. Chris called for rescue and then hooked his truck up to her vehicle and pulled it out of the creek.

The woman was taken to the hospital nearby and treated for minor injuries. She is now resting at home from her extremely close call, very grateful that a stranger was paying attention that night.

Her rescuer explained that the car’s hazard lights probably would not have been visible during the daylight hours, which might have proven deadly for the woman.

“The timing was impeccable,” Chris said. “Right place, right time. It was meant to be.”

Chris is also a volunteer firefighter – it is his family’s company that he was working for that night. One more thing. We forgot to mention Chris’ last name above. Believe it or not, his last name is “Miracle” and his family’s company is called “Miracle Towing and Recovery“. Chris certainly lived up to the family and brand name that night.