Eight Year Old Boy Saves Sister from Carjacking

Deborah Hansen Contributor
Boy, 8, Saves Sister from Carjacking
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A brother’s job is to protect his sister, and 8-year-old Chance demonstrated that recently when a heroin addict attempted to carjack the family vehicle with his sister Skylar in the back seat.

Chance’s great-grandmother, Nita Coburn, took the children along with her to drop her daughter off at the Emergency Room at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Ohio. As the two women left the car and made their way to the door of the ER, 24-year-old Dalvir Singh got into the car and began to speed off. The frightened children were still in the back seat.

Chance knew he had to act quickly, so he grabbed Skylar’s hoodie and opened the door to jump. The carjacker managed to grab the girl at the same time, but Chance pulled her out of danger as they jumped from the moving car. Amazingly, neither child was hurt.

At this point, thinking her great-grandchildren were still in danger, Nita ran to the driver’s side door to stop the thief.

“We both started screaming and then my grandma went out and grabbed a hold of the car and he just kept opening and shutting the door trying to get her off,” Chance said.

“All the sudden, he just floored it,” Coburn said. “I went down very roughly. I bounced.”

The carjacker didn’t get far. Middletown officers Kirby and Engleka realized what was happening and quickly took Singh into custody, charging him with kidnapping, felonious assault, and grand theft.

8 year old helps sister escape kidnapper

(Middletown Police Department)

Police Chief Muterspaw of the Middletown Division of Police praised the quick thinking of the 8-year-old boy. “This little guy is a hero. No question. He pulled his sister out of the car with no concern for his own safety. That is incredible at his age.”

The police department described the event on their Facebook page, asking, “What do you see here? If three heroes was the answer then you are correct!”