Police officer praised for fixing upside-down American Flag

Cover Photo courtesy of the Independence Police Department
Read Time: approx. 1:10

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It’s the attention to detail that means the most sometimes, and a few weeks ago, a police officer in Independence, Missouri noticed that something just wasn’t quite right. According to Yahoo, “on Saturday, Independence Police Officer David Wehlermann was responding to a call when he drove by a large flag that was incorrectly displayed outside a local business, and he immediately decided that it needed to be put back to its rightful position. He got in touch with the business owners, who said that they couldn’t get it fixed until Monday. Luckily, he was able to change that.”

Wehlermann told Fox News that there were actually multiple angry calls from people passing by who were not happy about the Flag’s position. That’s when Wehlermann took matters into his own hands, assembled a team, and fixed the situation. To Wehlermann, “It’s a symbol of freedom for the world, and I want it to be rightly displayed.”

After a video of the good deed was posted on Facebook, a flood of comments rushed in, praising Wehlermann for his actions. The broader sentiment was that people don’t like to see the Flag being disrespected, and what he did was a patriotic move. Fellow Police Officer John Syme said that it’s just another example of an officer going beyond the call of duty. ” Cover Photo courtesy of the Independence Police Department