Sanitation Workers Go the Extra Mile to Find Wallet

Deborah Hansen Contributor
Sanitation Workers Go the Extra Mile to Find Wallet
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New Yorker Avrohom Levitt recently lived through a nightmare when he accidentally threw his wallet into the garbage by mistake. To make matters worse, he was preparing for a trip to Poland so it was critical that the wallet, along with all of his credit cards, was located as quickly as possible.

He rushed outside, hoping to get there before his trash bin had been emptied but it was too late. Thankfully, Levitt had placed a GPS-tracker inside his wallet for this exact reason. He then called the sanitation department to ask for their help, and Louis Guglielmetti, a New York City Sanitation Department supervisor, quickly identified the truck from that route. By that time, however, it was filled with 2000 pounds of garbage.

The truck’s load was dumped on the ground and Levitt climbed into the filth along with Guglielmetti, confident they would find the wallet.

“I’ve found everything from jewelry to passports,” Guglielmetti said with a laugh. “I’ve [been] finding stuff in the garbage for the last seven years, so I’m good at it.”

True to his word, it only took about 15 minutes to follow the signal from the GPS to the missing wallet. And it still contained $68 and the credit cards Levitt was worried about.

“He got into the garbage with me and he was there trying to help. Why? Because he’s just trying to help another person,” Levitt said of Guglietmetti.

“More than finding my wallet, was appreciating the amazing job the sanitation workers do,” Levitt said.

Guglielmetti said, “We want people to know we’re there for them.”

We salute all of the sanitation workers around the country.

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash