Small Business in Texas Honors Veterans and the American Flag

Francis Lanzano Contributor
Waco Flag Retirement Ceremony honors veterans, American flag
Read Time: approx. 1:45

Although veterans day ended almost two weeks ago, residents in Texas continued the celebration of our nation’s heroes Emani Payne of KCENTV notes. In Waco specifically, multiple hundreds of people braved below-average temperatures to hold several parades. Zooming in even further Payne highlighted a local business that organized a slightly different way to remember our veterans and the colors they fought for.

Lake Shore Funeral Home and Crematory decided to honor our veterans and the stars and stripes by leading a Retirement Ceremony to properly and respectfully bid farewell to old tattered flags. Owner and Director Brent Shehorn was quoted as saying that:

“We all should honor our flag and those who fought for our country, especially in this day and time with so much turmoil in our nation.”

According to Payne, “it’s their third flag retirement ceremony since February, and they cremated more than 1,000 flags.” We salute you, Mr. Shehorn, thank you for showing us that our country is being held together by respectful men and women.