Top Tags of the Week: Sky Diving, Figure Skating, & Scuba Diving

Robert Brooks Contributor
Top Tags of the Week: Sky Diving, Figure Skating, & Scuba Diving
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This past week, our top tags of the American Flag all had an adventurous theme to them.

To begin, a young figure skater in Pennsylvania paid respect to U.S. veterans who sacrifice their time during the holidays to serve with a special ice skating routine. The boy’s mom, Karen Smith, shared a video of her son Nolan on Twitter taking to the ice at a local winter festival on Dec. 22. The footage shows Nolan gliding gracefully across the arena decked out in a replica military uniform. Nolan’s routine was set to “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood.

Next, we moved overseas to Al Asad Airbase compliments of the US Army Reserve and SFC Tracy Korff. Our caption read, “More than 200 Soldiers, Civilians, and Coalition forces deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve participated in a team-building event at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq.” As always, we Salute those who serve, wearing the American Flag proudly at home and overseas.

Continuing, we went sky diving at the Laurinburg–Maxton Airport with @jeffprovenzano and the @armygoldenknights.

We then made a quick pit stop at Newark Liberty International airport where we challenged our audience to guess where the picture was taken.

Towards the end of the week, we took another look at the fly-by during the Rose Bowl game courtesy of @geoffschwartz. This was one of the most popular pictures of the week, and how could it not be.

And last but not least, we ended the somewhat frenzied start to the new year with a picture from “Under the Sea” taken by the US Navy as part of our #SundaySalute to service members.

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