Virginia War Memorial: 12,000 American Flags Line Hillside

Stephanie Grau Contributor
Virginia War Memorial: 12,000 American Flags Line Hillside
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In celebration of Flag Day, the Virginia War Memorial has created a week-long event this year with a compelling new display to honor the nearly 12,000 Virginian members of the armed forces who died serving their country since WWII. 12,000 American flags stand tall on the hillside next to the Shrine of Memory, a display which has been aptly titled, “Hill of Heroes.”

The inaugural display was installed last Saturday morning by around 60 to 80 volunteers, including Boy Scouts, to venerate the Virginians who gave the ultimate sacrifice in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf. Those who have seen the display have been profoundly impacted.

“It is very sad, but it’s also wonderful to know that so many people love our country and gave their lives… to serve our [it],” Charlene Hughes said to CBS 3. “It’s just worth the time to come here and see this. It’s amazing.”

Many felt the power of the sheer magnitude of the display and how important it is to honor their service and sacrifice. “It’s very beautiful and that’s why I stopped,” one man visiting the display said to CBS 3. “I wish I could tell each one who planted these flags thank you.” This visual tribute creates a sea of red, white and blue and represents everything those Virginians sacrificed to give us the freedoms we have today: valor, perseverance, and vigilance.