WWII Veteran Receives Thousands of Cards for his Birthday

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WWII veteran asks for 102 cards for his birthday, instead receives 3,000
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This past week, Michael Diederich, a World War II Veteran had one wish for his 102nd birthday. In a request to the public, Diederich, thought it might be fun if he received 102 cards for the momentous milestone. What followed, was almost unbelievable. Not only did Diederich receive over 100 cards. In fact, he received closer to 3,000. While spending Wednesday with CareOne Management, the American hero said some of the cards came from as far away as England and Ireland. After crediting his longevity to eating well and having a wonderful life, it seems that he also appreciates the simple things. He said he’s always had a soft place in his heart for cards, especially those with dogs on them. Here’s to you, Michael. Happy birthday!