Young Girl with Incurable Cancer Gets to be Police Officer for the Day

Francis Lanzano Contributor
Young girl with incurable cancer becomes honorary police officer
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A six-year-old girl in the coastal town of Freeport, Texas has bigger problems than playdates and creative ways to extend her bedtime. Abigail Arias is battling cancer. She has a stage four Wilms tumor that doctors have deemed incurable. In remission for five months, the cancer has metastasized to her lungs. This crushing blow was delivered to Abigail and her family recently, with the doctors telling them it’s time to just enjoy some life. This instruction was taken in stride by Abigail, and in December she met the Police Chief of Freeport, Ray Garivey. She told him that it was her dream to be a police officer so she could fight “the bad guys” in her lungs. Chief Garivey vowed to make it happen, and on February 7th he made good on his promise. Watch the tear-jerker ceremony below, where Abigail declared that she “felt [the] excitement and all [the] love.”

For a child this young to have to face such an enduring, yet sadly finite, hardship is heartbreaking to say the absolute least. She deserves the world, and the Freeport PD deserves a standing ovation. They did everything they could to make her feel like a queen for a day. Or at the very least a part of the task force which, it seems, is all she wanted.

The negative headlines we see regarding police officers create stereotypes that are generally unfair. Very rarely does a police officer doing their job correctly make national news. But in this case, it did. The human element of being a police officer is imperative in doing the job correctly. They can’t simply hide behind the mask of authority given to them by their badge. Instead, they need to go out in their communities and make a difference beyond enforcing the law. They need to create relationships, be present, build trust. Ray Garivey and the rest of his squad did these things and much more by letting young Abigail be an officer for a day. To the Freeport PD: We Salute You.