Youngsters Reciting Pledge of Allegiance Goes Viral

Francis Lanzano Contributor
Picture of Young children reciting pledge goes viral
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A candid photo of a pair of youngsters from rural North Carolina is lighting up news feeds across the nation. The photo shows two elementary-aged kids reciting the pledge of allegiance with their hands over their hearts as the American flag is being raised to full-mast. This occurred in front of the Roseboro Fire Department and according to bystanders happened fully on the boys’ own accord. They were on their way to the vending machine behind the fire department when they noticed the Flag being raised, and they hopped off their vehicles of transportation to honor it. Turns out their Friday afternoon snack run made the youngsters viral sensations.

This photo is overwhelmingly pure: two young children honoring our Flag and the values it represents as it is being raised to full-mast. The photo was posted to the Roseboro FD’s Facebook page and has since been shared over 4,000 times, surging to the top of news feeds far and wide. Positive comments have flooded in from all over the country as patriotic people had their hearts warmed by the boys’ showing of respect.

Two children reciting the pledge of allegiance in front of a North Carolina fire station.

The Power of the Pledge: Two children reciting the pledge of allegiance in front of a North Carolina fire station. Credit: Roseboro Fire Department.

There is an extremely symbolic detail in this photo that one may fail to notice: one of the boys is riding a red hoverboard, while the other is riding a blue scooter. We can easily surmise that this color combination was unplanned, just like their pledge of allegiance was. But this is a token of political unification that cannot be overlooked.

It is certain that these boys are being raised right. They spontaneously put their snack run on hold so they could stand by as the Flag was being risen. This had to be triggered by their understanding of the importance of respecting the Flag, which seems to have been instilled in them from a very young age. Everyone is born with a blank slate, just as the great Aristotle theorized thousands of years ago. Whoever influences the young mind early on will likely leave a significant imprint until at least early adulthood, if not beyond. To the two young boys with unadulterated respect for our nation’s Flag and the people that taught them so, We Salute You.