How many MLB players are born outside the U.S.?

How many MLB players are born outside the U.S.?

Answer: 251 (28.%)

This past Friday, Major League Baseball released a report on opening-day rosters. One of the statistics included was place of birth, which showed that almost one-third of professional baseball players were born outside of the United States. The total number of foreign players came in at 251 and were mostly from countries south of our border such as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico.

According to Business Insider, “the total of international players is the third highest behind 259 in 2017 and 254 last year. The 28.5 percent figure is down slightly from 29 percent last year.” When digging into the numbers, unsurprisingly an overwhelming amount of foreign players hail from the Dominican Republic. Of the 251 foreign stars, over 100 (102) are from the island that’s home to Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, and Pedro Martinez. That total clocks in at 11.6%, which is just behind the 11.7% record set in 2007.

Some of the other countries that fielded the most players are, “Venezuela [which] was second with 68, followed by Cuba (19); Puerto Rico (18); Mexico (eight); Japan and Canada (six each); Curacao and South Korea (five each); and Colombia (four).” Believe it or not, some teams have players from Aruba, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, and even the Netherlands. The Minnesota Twins and the Pittsburgh Pirates have the most foreign-born players with 14 apiece. These are two cold cities for international players that are largely from the tropics.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash