How many people booked a Valentines Day dinner at White Castle in 2018?

How many people booked a Valentines Day dinner at White Castle in 2018?

Answer: 30,000

In case you didn’t know, White Castle (the slider-peddling fast food chain) hosts an annual Valentine’s Day Dinner. Last year, a whopping 30,000 people across the country decided to spend this romantic holiday eating the tiny square burgers as they looked adoringly into their partner’s eyes. According to Vox, “the tradition of offering reservations on Valentine’s Day started 28 years ago in St. Louis and Minneapolis, but soon spread to other locations in New York, New Jersey, Detroit, and Chicago. Now, all White Castles accept reservations on Valentine’s Day.”

We’re three weeks out from February 14th, but according to White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson, the company has already booked 70 percent of the reservations they did last year — 7 percent more than 2018. Moreover, due to the event’s popularity, and White Castle’s desire to capitalize on a good thing, the event may even last an extra day this year.

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According to the National Restaurant Association, “one-quarter of Americans will be sitting in restaurants on February 14.” If they can’t make it to the restaurant, “nearly one-third of American adults would like to receive a restaurant gift card as a Valentine’s Day gift. Men show a much stronger preference for restaurant gift cards as a Valentine’s Day gift than women do.” With White Castle’s White Hot Valentines Day streak going strong, maybe it’s time to give the gift of square sliders to your significant other this year.