How much was Tiger Woods’ Masters win worth for Nike?

How much was Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters win worth in advertising for Nike?

Answer: $22,540,000

This past Sunday, Tiger Woods accomplished what many thought was impossible. The 43-year-old golf legend won his fifth Masters title, marking his first major victory since the 2008 United States Open. Woods shot 13 under par through the tournament. NBC pointed out the importance of this victory especially since it came after four back surgeries that left him wondering in recent years if he could ever play again. Woods, 43, became the second-oldest winner of the Masters at Augusta National, after Jack Nicklaus who won at 46 in 1986.

Tiger Woods wasn’t the only one to win big this weekend though. Citing Apex Marketing’s figures, CNBC pointed out that the value of Woods’ Sunday victory for Nike is roughly $22,540,000. “This number is equivalent to the brand value that the athletic apparel company received from Woods’ on-camera exposure during the Final Round of the Masters broadcast on CBS, the firm said. The iconic Nike swoosh was featured on Woods’ hat, shirt, pants, and shoes.” This exposure not only led to incredible brand awareness, but it also translated directly into sales. After Tiger wrapped up his round, some of his branded apparel on Nike’s website was already completely sold out.

While Nike was certainly thrilled with the results, there were others who weren’t as happy, namely bookmakers like William Hill who paid out a record sum according to Bloomberg. One extremely brave bettor, James Adducci, gambled $85,000 on Woods through William Hill’s sportsbook at 14-to-1, which means he won a $1.19 million payout. Speaking to the Action Network, Adducci, a 39-year-old from Wisconsin, said that he was $25,000 in debt just months before and funded the wager, in part, by selling some Amazon stock. Adducci said it was his first ever sports wager and that he did not hedge. This is the largest single golf ticket in the bookmaker’s history.

Tiger Woods Photo: Reuters