What Each Side is Saying About Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden

Ty Aravazhi Contributor
What Each Side is Saying About Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden
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Cover: Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii — U.S. Vice President Joe Biden speaks to Marines, sailors and their families at Hangar 105. Marines.

Barack and a Hard Place: Having remained silent for the duration of the Democratic Primaries, former President Barack Obama officially endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday as the party’s nominee for president. However, what would have been a triumphant milestone for the Biden campaign is currently overshadowed by accusations of sexual assault levied against the candidate by former Senate staffer, Tara Reade. Dominating this conversation is the quality of coverage, or lack thereof, given to Reade’s allegations.

From the Left: Democrats and factions of the left appear to be choosing their words carefully. That being said, many progressives or “far-left” voices are calling out the perceived inaction by their own side, specifically as it relates to mainstream media outlets. The New York Times published an investigative report on Sunday that details Reade’s accusations, giving some credence to her story. However, the Times felt there is not enough evidence corroborating the entire account, and it concluded no former members of Biden’s Senate staff were able to substantiate her allegations. In response to this delayed report, Christina Cauterucci at The Slate—another left-leaning outlet—writes, “It took [the Times] nearly three weeks to get a piece to print.” Additionally, Cauterucci criticized the report for using the fact that Biden does not have a pattern of sexual assault as a way to exonerate him. She clarifies, “We’ve come to expect every abuser [has] an entire fleet of women giving the same details.”

From the Right: Conservatives are indicting the leftwing media for allegedly ignoring Reade’s accusations, and they are also pointing to a perceived double standard in the handling of sexual assault allegations made against conservative figures. Conservative voices have referenced the treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation for the Supreme Court. Derek Hunter at Townhall states, “We know Tara Reade worked for Biden. There is no proof Brett Kavanaugh ever so much as met Christine Blasey Ford. One story was blown up, the other brushed away.” Others have also called out the liberal media’s silence on the matter. Joseph A. Wulfsohn at Fox News explains, “If you only watch CNN, you still haven’t heard about it,” in a clear criticism of the outlet’s lack of coverage.

Flag This: In a post-MeToo America, countless survivors of sexual harassment and assault have been emboldened to come forward with their stories. Biden’s campaign issued a measured denial, but also acknowledged the importance of listening to women. Communications Director Kate Bedingfield stated, “Women have the right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims. We encourage them to do so because these accusations are false.” Evidently, there are many who believe the handling of these allegations is indicative of the left’s hypocrisy regarding sexual assault. The coming weeks will reveal where the public stands, and how much pain this will inflict on Biden’s campaign.